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Black Excellence IN 20th Century Crossword Puzzle

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Black Excellence in 20th Century

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Across Down
5 Body part signifying Black Power in 1968 Olympics
6 African American newspaper started in 1934 for the Twin Cities.
8 North Mpls. Avenue of insurrection of Af. Amer. youth in late 60's.
9 Fraternal service organization begun in 1999. Mr. Quiton Bonds is a member.
10 First African American woman alderwoman from No. Mpls. Now a Girls in Action leader.
12 HBCU attended by counselor Mr. Crenshaw. University of famous airmen.
13 All races joined to create this health and service center in North Mpls.
15 National African American magazine started by John Johnson in 1945.
16 Settlement house providing lodging for famous musicians during MN segregation era.
1 Production company of music in Detroit
2 Funeral home serving African American families, founded in No. Mpls. in 1962
3 Predominately African American historic community in St. Paul
4 MN inventor of truck refrigerator systems. Franklin McKinley ________
7 Railroad workers & wives supporting civil rights movements s.a. Rosa Parks
11 Lived on Northside as teen. Created 'Minneapolis Sound' with friends on Russell Ave.
14 African American theater in St. Paul founded by Lou Belamy
16 Playwright who used Af. Amer. culture as decade themes. Ex: Fences
17 Organization started at turn of century. Mr. Jeff Byrd works there in evenings.
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