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Black History Month Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Black History Month

Complete the cross word puzzle. Use the word bank to help you - ONLY last names.

                  V     C                      
                W A L K E                      
                  U       P                    
                  G       O                    
                  H A R R I S                  
                  N   U   T                    
                      D   E     H A L L        
                      O   R         O   B A S S
              P O W E L L   W       C   U      
          O           P     I   B A K E R      
          B   M A R S H A L L   R   E   N      
          A     N           L   O     A S H E  
          M     D           I   O   J          
          A N G E L O U   J A C K S O N        
                R           M   S   H          
          C H I S H O L M   S       N          
                O                   S M I T H  
    H   R O B I N S O N       B     O          
    U       L               L E G E N D        
    G     H U R S T O N       R                
    H   B   F                 R                
  J E M I S O N           K E Y E S            
    S   L   R     B                            
        E   D A V I S                          
O W E N S         O                            
  A               S                            
  L A C Y                                      
Across Down
3 Pulitzer Prize winning author best known for 'the Color purple'
5 U.S. senator of California and served as 32nd attorney general of California
7 chemist, contributed to the science of food preservation
9 Member of House of Representatives in California
10 4 star general and 1st African American to be appointed to secretary of state
13 1st African American to find success in the comic book industry
14 Supreme court's 96th justice and 1st African American supreme court justice 1967 - 1991
16 professional tennis player won 3 grand slam titles
18 poet, memoirist- best known for her book 'I know why the caged bird sings'
19 became NASA's first African American female engineer
20 1st African American women to be elected to U.S. Congress
21 actor played Muhammad Ali in 'Ali' and stockbroker Chris Gardener in 'the pursuit of happiness'
23 basket ball player won Olympic gold in 1992 and 1996 only player from naval academy to play in the NBA/ very charitable
26 singer songwriter won academy award for best song for 'Glory' from the movie 'Selma'
27 author, best known for 'Their eyes were watching god'
29 1st African American female to travel to space, NASA astronaut
30 singer song writter won 15 grammy awards and 17 NAACP awards
32 1st African American to win a Heisman trophy 1961
33 4 time Olympic gold medalist in 1936 Berlin for track and field
35 pioneer in the area of sports reporting
1 1st African american secretary of state/ 66th U.S. secretary of state for President Bush
2 worked at a NASA mathematician on the Scot Launch Vehicle program
4 1st African american to win an Academy Award for best actor 'Lillies of the field'
6 said to be the fastest women in 1960's
8 1st African american Rhodes Scholar in 1907
9 CEO of Xerox/ 1st african american female to head a fortune 500 company
11 1st physician to perform open heart surgery- founded a hospital with interracial staff
12 1st African american President of the U.S.
13 head of NAACP since may 2014
15 one of the most celebrated singer of the 20th century/ 1st African american to sing with the NY Metropolitan Opera
17 1st African American billionaire/ founder of BET
22 poet - important literacy figure during the Harlem Renaissance
24 1st African American to travel into space /aboard space shuttle 'Challenger' in 1983
25 won academy award for best actress in 2002 only African American female to do this
28 2016 Olympic gold medalist for individual all-around, vault and floor
31 leader of the Niagara Movement, fought for equal rights for African Americans
34 entrepreneur, created a hair care line in 1905
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