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Black Revolt And Civil Rights Crossword Puzzle

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Black Revolt and Civil Rights

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Across Down
2 A term to describe being fair
3 Black militant leader who felt that the black movement was being watered down by the white power structure
7 The act of not purchasing a product because of its ties with something negative
8 Separating the races
10 A state in the South that passed racist legislation (capitol is Atlanta)
11 City where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.
12 Another term for a Sit Down Strike
13 Famous gathering of many Americans in 1963 in Washington DC that protested racism in the United States
14 The 1954 supreme court case that ended 'separate but equal' treatment in schools
15 Act that was passed by Congress in 1964 guaranteeing protections for people of color
16 A young SNCC leader and currently a United States legislator from Georgia
17 These are two class terms that help to describe an income gap
18 Famous city in Alabama where Martin Luther King, Jr. and others led a nonviolent march
20 An act that help to outlaw racist Jim Crow voting laws in the South
24 The idea that unfairly divides school children based on color
26 A state in the South that passed racist legislation (capitol is Montgomery)
27 A type of protest where people do not move from a place they want to see changes
28 What black people and others were fighting for in the 1950s and 1960s
29 Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
30 Black communist organizer who believed in equality for all races
31 A method for killing a person of color and a terrible act of racism
32 Throughout the South, traditionally black places of worship suffered from these types of violent acts.
38 A term that describes unfair treatment that sometimes goes unpunished
39 A southern California city that erupted in urban violence in 1965 in protest of poverty level living
1 A state in the South that passed racist legislation (capitol is Columbia)
2 Black and Whites rode buses together in the South to protest interstate buses who separated the races
4 An actor and singer who fought racism and a member of the communist party
5 A state in the South that passed racist legislation (capitol is Jackson)
6 A method of urban violence that results in creating a burst of fire
8 Nine young men falsely accused of rape in Alabama
9 Acronym for The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
13 Black minister who spoke out widely against racism in the south through nonviolent means
19 Black Panther spokesman
21 A communist black scholar who fought the racist system through education
22 A slang term used to depict a poor neighborhood, usually in a black community
23 A term to describe unfair treatment of lower classes of people by the upper class
25 A willingness to fight
32 Basic rights that are awarded to everyone regardless of color
33 A 1920s black poet who spoke out against racism
34 Part of the title of Zinn, Chapter 17
35 A slogan used by black militants to protest racism and poverty
36 The idea that change can happen without having to resort to violence
37 The highest court in the United States that helped to shape civil rights
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