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Bone Tumors Crossword Puzzle

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Bone Tumors

                                              3         4    
Across Down
5 Malignant tumor of the skeleton characterised by the formation of immature bone or osteoid tissue by the tumor cells
6 Benign, fluid-containing lesion, usually occurring in the metaphysis of a long bone
7 Soft spots or holes in a bone caused by cancer cells
9 Blood-filled lesions caused by arteriovenous malformations or vascular injury
10 Benign hyaline cartilaginous neoplasms that develop within the medullary cavity of bone
11 An eccentric, lucent lesion in the metaphysis, and extends to the subarticular cortex of the bone, but does not involve joint
12 A cancer that starts in the plasma cells in bone marrow
13 Malignant tumor of cartilaginous origin that may originate newly or within a preexisting cartilaginous lesion
14 Formed from cancer cells spreading to the bones from their original site
15 Benign bone lesion with a nidus of less than 2 centimeter surrounded by a zone of reactive bone
1 Malignant tumor in which forms in the bone marrow of long bones or in soft tissue
2 Solitary, sharply demarcated areas of dense compact bone
3 Benign bony growth projecting outward from a bone surface
4 Abnormal growth of cells within a bone
5 Spots of increased density in bones
8 Benign bony outgrowth of membranous bones found most commonly on the skull and facial bones
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