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Book OF Joshua Crossword Puzzle

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Book of Joshua

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Across Down
5 Jonah, the great prophet, was in the belly of a great ____
6 The high priest made ________ for the people's collective sins
8 Joshua held the mission of leading the children of Israel into the Promise Land of ______
9 On __________, the Ark of the Covenant was the most holy altar of Yahweh
12 Israel was chosen by God because of an oath God swore to the _________
13 Joshua's mission began when he crossed the ______ River from the east to the west
14 The descendants of Abraham will be exiled in a foreign land where, for four hundred years, they will be _________
15 When the priest's ________ touched the water, the water of the river began to recede above and below the crossing point resulting the the formation of a wall of water to either side
18 Moses told the people that his _________, Joshua, was chosen by God
19 The Jordan River was in _______ stage during the spring harvest season
1 The crossing of the Jordan River took place outside _______
2 Man who served Moses since he was a boy and was the military commander of the armies of Israel
3 Upon the arrival of the Israelites at Mt. Sinai, they were told to use _____ days to prepare before their meeting with God
4 God parted the waters of both the ______ and the Jordan River for the Israelites to walk through
7 The Ark of the Covenant was a receptacle to hold the stone covenant documents of the ___________
10 Joshua was a descendant of ______, who was the son of Jacob-Israel
11 The people passed over on ____ ground
15 'Be strong and stand _____'
16 The faithful covenant of love and mercy
17 Changed his name from Hoshea to Yahshua
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