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Braces Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 A ring of metal that surrounds the back teeth, with a tube or bracket attached. Starting with m, and ending with d
5 A similar alternative to braces called a h_ _ _ _ e_ _
7 Metal extensions on to of the brackets, which are used to attach rubber bands to the braces
9 Special floss for braces that looks like a needle and thread
10 A small rubber band also called a spacer
13 This appliance fixes gaps between the teeth, small spaces between the upper and lower jaw, and other minor smaller problems and is called a p_ e f_ _ _ _ _ _ _
14 A tool used to clean and remove food from braces, that looks like a miniature christmas tree
16 Braces may cause soars in the mouth, causing irritation. In order to relieve these areas, dental _ _ _ may be used
18 Through the use of _ u_e_ _il_ technology, your orthodontist can offer you a treatment which includes: Shorter treatment times, fewer office visits, less overall discomfort and High quality results
19 A treatment used by most orthodontists to straighten teeth called _ _ _ _ _s
20 The opposite of an overbite
21 A liquid used by dentists which kills the bad germs and makes your teeth stronger, starting with f
1 A b _ _ _ k_ _ is a groved piece attached to to a band or a tooth that holds the main wire
2 A r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is used after your braces are taken off so they don't move back to there original places
4 A coloured rubber band which goes over the brackets to give your braces a bit of bling
6 A type of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of irregular teeth, and often use the treatment of braces.
8 When your upper jaw overlaps your lower jaw
11 The opposite of cheap
12 Something that applies force to move teeth, begging with a
15 Small ties or rings made of wire or elastic. They fasten the archwires to the brackets and are called l _ g _ a _ _ _ _
17 An open sore on an external or internal surface of the body, and can be caused by races on the inside of the mouth starting with u
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