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Branches OF US Government Crossword Puzzle

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Branches of US Government

    1 2                                  
Across Down
1 Idea that allows different branches of government to limit the power of other branches of government
3 Idea that prevents one person or group from having too much control over the government
4 Makes up Legislative Branch, collect taxes, borrow Money, declare War, regulate Trade, raise an Army, impeach the president, propose amendments
5 Creates/makes laws, Article I of the Constitution, power to declare war, power to override a veto with a 2/3 vote
6 *Enforces/carries out laws, Article II of the Constitution, power to veto a bill sent to it by congress, power to appoint federal judges, power to lead the Armed Forces during a war, represents our nation in the world
7 Head of Executive Branch, must be 35, must be Natural Born Citizen, serves a 4 years
8 Must be 30, 2 representatives per state, serves 6 years, 100 members
9 Interprets laws, power to declare laws or actions by the government unconstitutional, Article III of the Constitution, power to sentence or decide the punishment for lawbreakers, power to settle disputes between states
10 The highest federal court in the US, consisting of nine justices, serve for live
2 Representation based on population, serves 2 years, must be 25, 435 members
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