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Breakfast Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 A thick creamy food with a good source of calcium
8 It helps make your teeth and bones stronger
10 To cook these type of egg, you can cook them in the pan or in the microwave
12 Large Deep-fried potato (Kind of like) gems you have in the morning and can get from McDonalds
13 Many people put s___r on their cereal
16 It is full of calcium
17 Like a hot cake and can have with butterscotch sauce.
19 You can fill an O______e with many things
22 Milk, Cheese etc. (dairy products)
23 People love to have this with eggs and toast
26 You can buy instant or fresh beans
28 One of the many techniques for cooking eggs starting with f
30 You use it to eat your cereal
1 F_____ T____ is a type of toast.
2 It has seeds in them. You can make juice with most of them.
3 When you cook eggs like this, you crack open the egg into boiling water
4 Bread you cook
5 You put your cereal in in
7 The most important meal of the day
9 There is oats and dried fruit in it
11 Soothing hot drink in a bag
14 You make porridge with it
15 It is a grain
18 A Milky morning drink you blend up with milk and yoghurt and you can have a large variety of fruit with it.
20 There is many parts to it, one of them is yolk
21 You cook your toast in it
24 Something you have to drink with breakfast
25 Bees collect h____y from pollen and make it
27 A circular pan that heats up when you put in on heat.
29 What the egg whites surround when it has ben cracked open
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