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Breakfasts Around The World Crossword Puzzle

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Breakfasts Around the World

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Across Down
4 Curry and ________________are eaten with idlis
5 This is eaten in Japan for breakfast.
6 Akaras as a breakfast food are cheap and _________________.
8 Eggs and this type of oil are added to 'pan con tomate.'
9 One of the fillings that go into pan dulce.
13 What natty soybeans smell like.
14 Made from rice and seeds - very popular breakfast in South India
15 Fermented____________soybeans are used in natty.
17 Where bread with tomato is a popular breakfast dish.
18 Creamy mixture made from corn; served with kara
19 A spice that can be added to idlis to add flavor.
21 _________are often served with turkish sausage for breakfast.
22 A cookie crust pan dulce
23 A popular Nigerian breakfast food - bean cakes
25 Natto has a strong taste and ____________.
26 Turkish sausage.
1 Sucuk is not mild, it is ___________.
2 Spice, along with red pepper and garlic, that goes into the sausage.
3 These can also be stuffed inside an idli.
4 What I would drink with pan dulce.
7 Natto is often eaten with __________ and vegetables
10 Bread must be like this so it doesn't get wet from the tomato pulp.
11 Where pan dulce is eaten for breakfast.
12 Sucuk is spicy enough to make you _________.
16 Continent where Nigeria is located.
20 People in Nigeria eat these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
24 Pan dulce are sweet ________.
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