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Breastfeeding Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Breastfeeding decreases babyís risk of readmission to hospital related to respiratory and gastrointestinal _____________.
4 Protein and glucose that baby gets in _________, will level his/her blood glucose.
6 _________ feeding can prevent engorgement.
7 Skin to skin increases breastfeeding _______!
8 Proper alignment for breastfeeding includes aiming the nipple towards the ____ of the mouth.
14 Skin to skin should be initiated ___________ after birth.
16 _________ makes milk.
17 Correct latch makes ____ flow better.
19 Breastfeeding moms should consume ____ hundred extra calories per day as part of a well-balanced diet.
20 Meconium stools transition to yellow ______ stools.
1 Milk should come in within _____ to five days.
2 _____________ is a learning experience for mom and baby.
5 Breastfeeding should ___ be painful.
9 _________ moves milk.
10 Breastfeeding decreases motherís risk of breast and ovarian _____.
11 For sore nipples, feed on the _____ sore side first.
12 To release suction, place finger in the corner of babyís ________.
13 To help relieve engorgement, apply ____ moist packs to breasts for two to five minutes prior to nursing.
15 Breast milk changes to _______ milk within fourteen days.
18 Baby should return to birth weight within two _____.
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