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Buddhism Crossword Puzzle

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Fill in the blanks or anwser the question.

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Across Down
9 Focus your mind with practices such as meditation
11 Live a life of selflessness, love, nonviolence
12 _____ have no dietary eating habits.
13 The way to end suffering is to give up all cravings.
16 Do not kill, steal, or lie. Be honest.
17 Suffering is caused by cravings (desires and wants).
19 dolai, _____, nuns, and monks are some religious leaders
20 Develop a deep understanding of the Four Noble Truths
21 Buddhists worship with or do light incense, ______, light candles, take off shoes, offer food or flowers to the buddha shrine
23 Be aware of but not attached to your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.
24 Do not harm or kill living things. Do not take things unless they are freely given. Lead a decent life. Do not speak unkindly or tell lies. Do not abuse drugs or drink alcohol.
1 Be careful and truthful in what you say. Do not lie or gossip.
2 Prince Siddhartha wanted to find happiness and peace like the ______ he found on his journey did.
3 When Prince Siddhartha was little he wondered what was beyond the ______ walls.
4 Celebration of the spirits of ancestors help the world find enlightenment, light lanterns/ candles to guide the spirit .
5 Prince Siddhartha was always _____ well.
6 The way to give up all cravings is to live life according to the Eightfold Path.
7 Suffering is present in all things, and nothing lasts forever.
8 Promote good actions and prevent evil actions.
9 Do not work at a job that causes harm to people or living creatures.
10 Prince Siddhartha was ______ at 16.
14 Prince Siddhartha became a ______ after he had a dream under the bodhi tree.
15 Prince Siddhartha discovered three form of ______ well on a journey outside the palaces walls.
18 _____ do not drink alcohol or drugs.
22 Celebration of buddha's birth, life, death, and enlightenment,
25 When Prince Siddhartha was born he could already walk and ______.
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