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Buddhism Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
8 trade network responsible for the spread of Buddhism to China
10 belief that the soul is reborn
17 the steps a Buddhist must take to reach enlightnment
18 a state of being when a person has all of the wisdom of the world
19 the tree under wehich Siddhartha reached enlightnment
20 the path between the two extreems
22 the end of suffering is called (when a person is no longer re-born)
23 lower class Hindus liked Buddhism because Siddhartha rejected the _______ _________.
28 the dark lord who tried to prevent Siddhartha from reaching enlightnment
29 Buddhist who gives up all possessions and pursues a spiritual life
1 intricate sand art that is made by monks and destroyed upon completion
2 A person who deprives the body to find spiritual enlightnment
3 The founder of Buddhism (The Buddha)
4 when central government and religion are tied together
5 Siddhartha left the palace to find a way to end_______________.
6 The animal who blessed Queen Maya in her dream
7 The core 'truths' that Buddhists accept about the world
9 the city where Jessie and his family lived in The Little Buddha
11 the religion that follows the life and teachings of siddhartha
12 the country where the monks lived in The Little Buddha
13 The flower that sprouted under baby Siddhartha's feet as his feet as he walked
14 the title for the leader of Tibet
15 Siddhartha was a member of this religion
16 buddhist do not pray to a god. Instead the __________________
21 Type of Buddhists who follow the teachings of Siddhartha exactly. Popular in Sri Lanka
24 1st Buddhist Kind of India. Sent Buddhist missionaries to spread Buddhism
25 small island south of India. A stronghold for Theravada Buddhism
26 the animal that covered Siddhartha from the rain
27 This type of Buddhism is popular in Tibet, Nepal, and China
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