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Bush 41 Administration Crossword Puzzle

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Bush 41 Administration

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2 Bush's breaking of his promise not to raise these probably cost him reelection
3 Bush's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; He helped plan military actions against Iraq
5 The U.S. general who led the liberation of Kuwait and invasion of Iraq
7 This international organization passed a resolution condemning Iraq's invasion of neighboring Kuwait
8 The middle eastern nation which permitted a U.S. led military coalition to assemble within its borders to support efforts to liberate Kuwait
9 Considered Bush's greatest domestic accomplishment, the Americans With Disabilities Act forbade this in employment, public accommodations, and transportation
11 The military code name for the war against Iraq
12 Chinese students staged pro-democracy protests in this square in the heart of Beijing
13 This symbol of the Cold War came down in early November, 1989, marking a symbolic end to communist rile in eastern Europe
14 Bush's legislative agenda failed, at least in part, because this party controlled Congress throughout his administration
16 This Soviet leader's resignation on December 25, 1991 marked the end of the Cold War
17 This central European nation reunified and joined NATO in 1990
19 Bush chose NOT to intervene with U.S. forces when a civil war broke out in this nation following the collapse of communism
1 The Bush administration imposed economic sanctions against South Africa to force the release of this anti-apartheid leader
4 This Iraqi leader ordered the invasion of Kuwait in an attempt to take control of its rich oil deposits
6 Before becoming president, Bush headed this American 'spy' agency
10 Bush sent more than 12000 U.S. troops into Panama to remove this leader and arrested him for drug trafficking
15 This adviser to Pres. George H.W. Bush later served as George W. Bush's vice president
18 Bush served as vice president during this mans administration
20 Bush sent U.S. MARINES to this east African nation in support of UN humanitarian efforts
21 After Iraq was attacked by coalition forces, Saddam Hussein launched SCUD missiles into this nation in hopes of bringing other Arab nations to his defense
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