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Byzantine Empire Crossword Puzzle

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Byzantine Empire

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1 capital of the Byzantine Empire and a great trading city that was the crossroads between Asia and Europe (known as Istanbul today)
2 a single ruler with complete authority (Czar, the term for the ruler of Russia which comes from Caesar, is an example of an autocrat. The first Czar was Ivan the IV known as “the Terrible”)
3 greatest general of the Byzantines during the reign of Justinian
4 known as “the Great”, he is considered the first ruler of modern Russia. His wife, Sophia was related to the last Byzantine emperor and greatly influenced her husband’s rule
5 greatest emperor of the Byzantine Empire who sought to restore the glory of the Roman Empire. Known for his achievements in law and architecture.
6 the greatest church of the Byzantines, built by Justinian. It was turned into an Arab mosque by the Ottomans and today is a museum
7 the wife of Justinian and a capable co-ruler of the Byzantine Empire. She improved the rights of women in the Byzantine Empire
9 Eastern half of the Roman Empire. Survived until 1453 AD. This empire brought Orthodox Christianity, written language, government (autocracy), and architecture to Russia and preserved much of Greco-Roman culture.
10 nearly 5,000 laws from the Roman Empire and to establish legal principles (influences international law even today)
1 form of writing introduced into Russia by the Byzantine Empire.
8 this city in the Ukraine today, was the first area of Russian civilization and Kievan Russia was a time period when Russian life was centered about the city of Kiev
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