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Call OF The Wild Crossword Puzzle

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Call of The Wild

Solve the puzzle by putting the correct words in the right places.

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      12   13                          
Across Down
5 The football team was so _____________ they did not even try to win the game at homecoming.
7 The neighborhood watch dogs were ___________ so they could make sure no criminals came in the neighborhood.
8 'Don't tell me the answers to the test,'Rob said______________.
9 The girl was being ___________ and would not pick up her toys.
11 The movie was so _________ to me so much that it made my day.
14 The girl was so ___________ when she presented her presentation.
15 That pig is so __________ when it comes to eating.
1 Holly is known for her _________ towards others when they need help.
2 The new kid looks ____________ when he moves his eyes to the back of his head.
3 Lacy's pants were so ____________ that they were starting to form holes in them.
4 Brian was __________ by the campfire thinking about his family.
6 I am a person who has a lot of ___________ when it comes to fighting alligators .
10 The grandmother had a ____________ covering her body when she was about to be buried.
12 Jesus is so _________ that he could make a blind man see.
13 The 12 year old was acting so _________ that he was running around the classroom.
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