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Canadian Politics IN The 1920s Crossword Puzzle

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Canadian Politics in the 1920s

                      1     2       3      
Across Down
6 Longest running Prime Minister of Canada.
7 Single handedly fought the courts for women.
8 An organization fighting with London to get rights changed.
9 Punished Conservatives for almost a decade.
10 The most seats in the legislature or Parliament in a government system.
11 Wanted Quebec to stay in Canada.
13 If a wining party trying to pass a law does not get half the votes in Parliament, this occurs.
14 Became leader for the NDP.
1 Refused a request from the Prime Minister to dissolve Parliament.
2 No jobs; the city was angry at government.
3 Women began fighting for their rights.
4 Someone who favours greater freedom in political or religious matters.
5 An organization wanting more Native rights.
7 Mohawk Chief who tried getting rights changed.
12 He belonged to the Conservative party.
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