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Canadian Politics IN The 1920s Crossword Puzzle

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Canadian Politics in the 1920s

Complete the crossword below

                  5                           6    
Across Down
4 When a party does not have more than half of the seats in Parliament and therefore allows the losing party to still have some say in what the government does
5 The reason why most parties in Canada want to win with a majority government
7 A new party that took many seats away from the Conservatives
8 A group who spoke up for woman's rights and had many accomplishments of importance
9 A Liberal Leader who thought Quebec should stay
10 He lost an election due to having too many enemies in Quebec, western farmers and trade unions
11 A group that helped fight for Natives rights
12 A party that had been broken up over the conscription crisis and delegates wanted a leader who would unite it once again
13 People in Canada who were discriminated and forced to change their ways of living which caused the highest suicide rate in Canada
14 Someone who promised to help when the East was in a economic depression but only made changes to his political advantage
15 Woman of Manitoba became the first to vote at the provincial level
1 One of the leaders of a famous strike that refused to support the conservatives
2 A war veteran who set up the League of Indians of Canada
3 When factory owners and governments tried to ban unions again
6 People who could not find a lot work after the war
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