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Canadian Soldiers Liberate The Netherlands Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Canadian Soldiers Liberate the Netherlands

                                      A   D              
                                      N   U              
                                      D   N   S          
                                      F   K   O          
                                      U   I   U          
                  K A P E L S C H E V E E R   T          
                    M                 L   K   H          
              S C H E L D T R I V E R         P         G
                    R                         A         E
                  F I R S T C A N A D I A N A R M Y     R
                    C                         T     S   M
                    A L L I E D F O R C E           E   A
    W A A L H A V E N                               P   N
                    S M A L L E R A N D U N H E A L T H Y
          C A N A D A                               E    
                    N A V Y A N D A I R F O R C E   M    
S I X T H O U S A N D                               B    
                    B                               E    
                T H R E E M O N T H S               R    
                    T E N M I L L I O N D O L L A R S    
                    S E P T E M B E R T O A P R I L      
                    H                   T       N        
                                        T       D        
                                        E       E        
                                        R       P        
                                        L       E        
                                        O   A R N H E M  
Across Down
4 Canadian soldiers drove the German defences back in ___________ ______ in order to get closer and take over more land.
6 Germany took control of which river?
8 Which army was formed of 170,000 men overseas, and won back the river?
10 Force that the Netherlands favoured.
11 Germany’s first target.
12 The children that born during this time were __________and ___________.
13 Country with 13,000 casualties, after the Battle of Scheldt.
14 The Royal Canadian _______ and the Royal Canadian _____ _______, were huge contributors to the war.
15 Number of casualties after the Canadian troops fought a hard and successful battle on the Hitler line.
16 How long did the Canadian soldiers wait, plan and prepare before going in for the final attack to sweep the Germans away from the south end of the Netherlands?
17 How much was Canada in debt, as they supplied a lot of food and materials for the war.
18 Final months of war, ________ 1944 __ _____ 1945.
21 Germany ended up taking over most of the Netherlands again, after the British super attack on ________failed.
1 Germany cut off which supplies from the Netherlands?
2 The Canadian front spread out from Nijmegen to ________.
3 What part of the country was liberated after a few months of fighting with the Germans?
5 Canadians allied with the ___________ and ________ to fight the first full-scale invasion of Europe.
7 ________ invaded Holland to get close to France.
9 Date in which Canada entered WW11.
19 Which city was the final battle to liberate the Netherlands?
20 Canada was starting to shape themselves as an ___________ country.
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