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Cancer Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 mutations in __________ 1 and 2 are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men
7 cutting out a tumor
8 cancer of embryonic tissue
11 abnormal cell growth that doesn't spread
12 gene that normally regulates the cell cycle and can send abnormal cells into apoptosis
14 using chemotherapy and radiotherapy together
15 benign tumor of a glandular organ
16 cancer that begins in the basal cells of the skin
17 soft tissue cancer
18 means that cells are specialized in what they do for the body, cancer cells are non-_________
19 getting test results that say you do have a condition when you do not have that condition
23 cancer of a mucous-secreting gland
24 _______ cancer: develops in men, can be due to a mutation in BRCA 1 or 2
25 using toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells
26 _______ tumor: a lump of mutant cells
27 _______ gene: a mutated gene that causes cancer
28 ________ gene: terminates cell growth
30 cancer that begins in the squamos cells of the skin
40 ______therapy: using a person's own immune system to help kill cancer cells
41 getting test results that say you do not have a condition when you do in fact have that condtion
43 abnormal growth of body tissues
46 ______ mutations only affect 1 gene
47 _________ gene: promotes cell growth
2 __________ mutations affect multiple genes because they impact a larger portion of a chromosome
3 epithelial tissue cancer
4 programmed cell death
5 _________ therapy: using surgery and any other method to treat cancer
6 abnormal cell growth that invades neighboring tissue and spreads
9 cancerous cells traveling from on area of the body to another
10 _______ therapy: a form of cancer treatment that is less harmful to non-cancerous cells
12 an oncogene created by the fusion of chromosomes 22 and 9 that creates a fusion protein which causes cancer
13 _______ carcinogen: ex-viruses
20 cancer of the lymphatic system
21 __________ carcinogen: ex-heavy metals, hormones, plastics
22 substance that promotes the development of cancer
29 using high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells
31 cancer of the blood
32 formation of blood vessels from pre-existing blood vessels
33 screens for colon cancer
34 the process by which normal cells become cancer cells
35 screens women for breast cancer
36 the deadliest form of skin cancer
37 screens women for cervical cancer
38 the only way to determine if a tumor is benign or malignant
39 when recieving test results, a false ______ is worse than the other alternative
42 ________ tumor: cells that have traveled to a new area of the body other than where they originated at
44 _______ carcinogen: ex-UV radiation
45 __________ mutations affect the number of chromosomes
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