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Candy OF The Decades Crossword Puzzle

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Candy of the Decades

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Across Down
2 I am round like a sphere on a stick. I was brought by Spangler in 1953. What am I?
4 I was invented in 1975. I make sizzling sounds when I touch your tongue. What am I?
5 I am a hard candy that can 'bust' your jaw open. What am I?
6 I am made for baseball players so their mouth doesn't get dry. When people put me in their mouth I'm like chewing on tobacco.
7 I am somewhat sour, and I come in chewy or hard. I am mainly lemon but I come in different flavors. I am similar to a jaw breaker. What am I?
8 I shake like a maraca, I have edible beads inside and I am most certainly not a real satellite. What am I?
9 I am related to something on top of a bottle, but the good thing is that I'm edible. What am I?
10 I am rarely sold now and days. People think I'm a bad influence, but it's not my fault they pretend to smoke! What am I?
12 My name rhymes like 'Sam' and 'Ham', but they are both separated by 'and'. I look like little pills, just try me you'll see. What am I?
13 I am not double the mess, double the noise, or double the trouble! I am just simply double_________! What am I?
14 I am a miniature version of peanut butter cup. And I have the colors of Halloween. What am I?
18 I don't need food and water, or need to live in the sea. I am Swedish, at least I think I am. What am I?
1 My name rhymes like 'can' and 'fan', and I am made up of fake words that sound like a baby made it up. I was also very popular in the 80s. What am I?
3 I am hot and burning with fire, you can have me with water if you desire. I have a name of a Mexican food. What am I?
6 I am from Massachusetts, some people might say. I'm perfectly 'baked', at least that's what it says in the name. People call me a bean but I'm really a peanut. What am I?
11 I look like a colorful rectangle, I don't look like a star, but i burst with flavor! What am I?
15 I am a popular brand of jelly beans sold in wacky flavors. What am I?
16 I sound like something Tinker-Bell ate as a kid. And I am made up of lots of sugary powder. What am I?
17 I have no heads whatsoever. Nor do I have any air inside of me! What am I?
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