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Carnivorous Plants Crossword Puzzle

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Carnivorous Plants

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Across Down
1 what is the largest carnivorous plant.
3 how some plants eat underwater.
4 flypaper traps ___ when they are triggered.
5 the only plant that can move.
6 how other underwater carnivous plants eat their prey.
9 when carnivorous plants were first discovered they only ate___.
11 looks like nectar in a pitcher to insects or small animals.
12 some bugs eat the other bugs that are___ in the traps.
14 helps digest the insects or small animals.
15 type of water that can build up and kill carnivorous plants.
19 you should not buy plants dug up from the___.
2 another name for carnivorous plant.
7 carnivorous plants do not chew or ___ like humans.
8 ___ traps are a rolled leaf filled with a digesting liquid inside.
10 flypaper traps are___ on the inside.
13 the venus flytraps___ leaves are its mouth and stomach.
16 some underwater plants can ___ prey into their mouth.
17 some types of carnivorous plants have___ hairs.
18 where carnivorous plants can grow best.
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