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Catholic Mass Crossword Puzzle

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Catholic Mass

                  1       2                    
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Across Down
2 a cape like garment put over the shoulders of a priest or deacon in certain processi
3 the stiff cloth placed over the patent when it is on the chalice
4 the cup that hold wine that becomes the blood of Christ
6 a long white garment worn by liturgical ministers
7 the book that holds several prayers including ones for special occasion
8 a sacred vessel made to expose the consecrated host to the congregation
10 a shrine that that is used for a place for the Blessed Sacrament
11 a long scarf like garment worn by priests or deacons as the mark of the Office
12 a book that contains scripture readings for Mass
14 a vessel used to hold the hosts
18 a white cloth used to clean the chalice
20 a saucer like disk that holds the bread that will become the body of Christ
1 a loose robe worn by Deacons for solemn feasts
2 a sleeveless outer garment worn over alb and the stole of the priest
4 what is used to fasten the alb
5 the color worn during Advent and Lent or Massesfor the dead
7 an oil lamp or wax candle burned near the tabernacle
9 the color worn on Palm Sunday
13 a wide sleeved garment worn over the cassock
14 a long black garment worn by alter servers
15 the traditional color worn for Masses for the deceased
16 the color worn on the 3rd Sunday of Advent and the 4th Sunday of Lent
17 the color worn during 'Ordinary time'
19 a linen cloth placed over the bread and wine during Mass
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