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Caves Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
8 A scientist who studies natural history and structure of the earth
11 A scientist who studies caves
12 A rock formation sticking up from the floor of a cave
15 A cave rock formation caused by dripping water which carries and deposits calcite
16 A kind of calcite rock formation found on cave walls
19 A spiral-shaped rock formation found in caves
21 A rock formation hanging from the ceiling of a cave
23 a funnel-shaped hollow in the ground
24 A room-like underground passage
1 A solid substance that occurs naturally in the earth
2 Kazimura Cave is located in this state
3 A soft rock that dissolves in weak acid
4 A hole in the roof of a sea cave where air and water shoot out
5 Flying mammal found in caves
6 A mineral deposited in limestone caves by water
7 A vertical underground passage
9 'World of the ice giants'
10 A deep ravine
13 An ___ cave is formed when meltwater drips into a rock cave and freezes
14 A vertical shaft, or drop, in a cave
17 A calcite rock formation around a pool of water in a cave
18 A funnel-shaped hole in the ground, where water flows into a cave
20 Mammoth Cave is located in this state
21 A person who explores caves as a sport or hobby
22 The Blue Grotto is found on this Italian island
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