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China's Commnist Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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China's Commnist Revolution

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Across Down
4 He took part in the revolution against the imperial Qing Dynasty.
5 It was a place for mourning and it was open to the public
6 In an attempt to break with the Russian model of Communism
7 In1966, students from the Communist Party were encouraged to carry copies of this.
9 This was torn down over night because of anger
10 Four leaders’ played a dominant political role
11 It called for parliamentary democracy.
13 It is an idiom referring to the system of guaranteed lifetime employment in state enterprises.
14 He joined the Party Central Committee and then was attacked
1 It embarked through 11 provinces
2 A famous communist leader
3 He became a fugitive because of the Kuomintang regime
4 This was a ten-year political campaign
8 Mao Zedong's army
12 Peolpe in their teens and 20s who supported the complications in the Communist Party
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