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Chinese Cuisine Crossword Puzzle

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Chinese Cuisine

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Across Down
1 Bright orange dish that is sweet and sour and is made with this kind of meat
4 Latin American country with the most Chinese restaurants
6 Popular dish made with noodles, meat, onions, and celery
7 Most popular regional cuisine in countries other than China (for example, the USA)
9 Location of the oldest Chinatown in the United States
10 Utensils Chinese people use to eat their food
12 Term for Chinese food that is blended with Middle Eastern flavors
14 Word for a pot of boiling water filled with herbs and spices.
15 City where Peru's Chinatown is located
16 These stuffed Chinese items can be boiled, fried, or steamed
17 Highly favored drink in China
18 Famous duck dish that is one of China's national favorites
20 High protein food that is made from soy milk and water
2 This staple is more popular in the south of China whereas wheat is more popular in the North
3 Regional Chinese cuisine that uses chili in almost every dish
5 This popular treat at the end of a Chinese meal is based on a Japanese cracker recipe
8 Fast food that has become extremely popular in China today
9 Important sauce used in many Chinese dishes
11 Term used for Peruvian-Chinese fused cuisine
13 Chinese spaghetti or noodles
19 The number of Regional Cuisines that China has
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