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Christianity Catholic Crossword Puzzle

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Christianity Catholic

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2 The Latin Bible used by the Roman Catholic Church.
8 The belief that Christ rose from the dead after his crucifixion and death.
11 Sacrament of disclosing one's sins to a priest.
13 A textbook of Christian beliefs used to prepare believers for mature faith.
15 The mother of Jesus or the mother of God.
17 Promoting cooperation or better understanding among different religious faiths.
19 Catholic belief that the Pope cannot make an error in matters of faith and morals.
20 The blessing listed by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount.
21 The belief the God becomes man.
23 A feast celebrating Christ's sending of the Holy Spirit to the apostles.
24 A religious man who takes vows of poverty and chastity.
1 The sacrament where the wine and bread become the blood and body of Jesus.
3 Twelve disciple of Jesus.
4 The first Pope.
5 Christ's name.
6 Roman Catholic devotion on nine consecutive days or weeks honoring Mary, mother of Jesus.
7 An anointed King. The word is Christ in English.
9 The formal cutting off of a person from the Catholic Church.
10 A ritual use of water which admits one to the church symbolizing being washed from sin by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
12 A type of Church.
13 The church claiming undivided period since the time of Jesus.
14 A confession of faith.
16 Language of the Catholic Church.
18 A religious poem set to music and sung as part of worship.
22 Conforming to established religious doctrine.
23 The head of the Catholic Church.
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