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Citizenship, Voting, And Elections Crossword Puzzle

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Citizenship, Voting, and Elections

Complete the crossword below

              1   2                                  
8                                         9          
            10                         11              
  12     13                         14       15          
                  16     17     18                      
Across Down
1 selecting candidates for public office
3 a political party that challenges the two major parties
4 organization of individuals with broad common interests
5 A political party is defined as an organised group of people with at least roughly similar
6 Tuesday after the first Monday in November
8 a way for citizens to vote on state or local laws
9 meeting of local party organizers
10 to record or enroll formally
13 the list of candidates for which you cast your vote
16 legislature to select the president and vice president
19 a way for citizens to propose laws
2 representatives from the 50 state party organizations who run a political party
7 the right to vote
11 a number that is more than 50 percent of the total
12 held when no candidate wins a majority of votes in the primary
14 the most votes among all those running for a political office
15 a series of statements expressing the party’s principles, beliefs, and positions on election issues
17 someone running for political office
18 special election to remove an official from office
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