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Constitution and Bill of Rights

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Across Down
1 The 10th amendment limits the ________ of the national government.
3 Police may search & seize property if a judge issues a _______.
7 The President may veto a bill. This is an example of ________ & balances.
8 Due process means that the government will be ______ in it's actions
10 Must be passed by three-fourths of the state legislators.
11 The 13-14-15th amendments deal with slavery and _________ rights.
12 The 5th amendment ensures _____ ______ of law in court. [2 words together]
14 'You have the right to remain __________.'
15 The 4th amendment protects people from ________ searches and seizures.
16 'Roe vs Wade' established __________ rights for women.
17 The 2nd amendment has been the subject of much ________.
18 The President's cabinet __________ him prior to important decisions.
20 The judicial branch of government ________ laws, among other things.
22 The 18th amendment established prohibition of __________.
23 The most important amendment.
2 The 8th amendment requires that bail will not be __________.
4 The ______________ college technically elects the President.
5 Has the power to declare war.
6 Before interrogation, an officer must give the suspect his ________ rights.
9 First amendment rights are vital to a ______________ form of government.
13 The 6th amendment guarantees the right to a speedy, ______ trial
14 The framers of the constitution believed in the _________ of church and state.
19 State laws must not conflict with __________ laws.
20 A person found _______ by a jury may not be tried for the same offense.
21 An officer, detecting the aroma of marijuana, has _______ case to search a car.
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