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Civil Rights Crossword Puzzle

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Civil Rights

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Across Down
9 He was the president sent U.S. Army to Central High so that they can protect the Little Rock Nine from anything bad happening to them.
10 For something to desegregate or to come together.
11 This person helped African-Americans get their voting rights and this person led the march from Selma to Montgomery.
12 This case is when the Supreme Court ordered school districts and other courts to have schools desegregate “with all deliberate speed”.
13 It is when someone is treated differently then others because of their race, gender, etc.
15 This case is when a man went onto a white only train car and was arrested. After this happened he was put into jail because he broke the separate but equal law.
17 These were tests that African-Americans had to take to test their ability to read and write, and if they wanted to vote.
18 They are the first nine African-Americans to go to a all-white school.
19 He was the governor of Arkansas and was in control of the National Guard of Arkansas. Also he sent the National Guard to Central High to maintain order.
1 This is when people were separated based on their race.
2 This person were arrested on a bus for not giving up their seat for a white man.
3 It gave African-Americans the right to exercise voting.
4 Rights that are given to an American citizen.
5 These were taxes that African-Americans had to pay to pay after they passed the literacy tests and if they wanted to vote.
6 Laws that practiced segregating against blacks.
7 This case started the desegregation of white only schools around the U.S.
8 This group of people that rode to south in a bus, in the purpose of ending segregation in bus and train stations.
14 This is group of people that were against African-Americans getting civil rights, so they reacted with extreme violence.
16 This is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, they opposed discrimination and segregation and helped fight it.
20 This is when African-American didn't ride the bus for a long time and walked to where ever they had to go until they had equal rights.
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