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Civil Rights Crossword Puzzle

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Civil Rights

                                          1           2               3
              7               8                                 9      
                              11                                   12    
                        19                                             20
Across Down
7 ruled quota systems unconstitutional
10 ordered Japanese Americans into internment camps
11 granted women the right to vote
14 idea of fixing problems of groups who experienced past discrimination
15 bans slavery
16 outlawed discrimination and segregation; created Equal Employment Opportunity Cimmission
17 guarantees that all citizens receive ________ of the laws
18 Alice Paul tried to get this passed
21 bans utilization of poll taxes
23 enfranchised newly freed male slaves
1 name given to five cases brought to the Supreme Court under the Civil Rights Act of 1964
2 time period when voting rights were fought for
3 only those whose father's father had voted could vote unless a literacy test was passed
4 overruled by Brown v Board of Education
5 guaranteed protections from government infringement
6 idea that men and women should receive equal pay
8 ruled school segregation is unconstitutional
9 prohibiits discrimination on the basis of disability
12 doesn't allow discrimination against female students
13 laws passed by southern states after Civil War denying rights to newly freed slaves
19 imposed at voting times
20 used by the Supreme Court to determine constitutional validity of practice, esp race
22 created 'whites only' places in southern states
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