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Civil Rights Movement Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Civil RIghts Movement

                J       I                    
                I       N                    
                M       T                    
                C       E                    
                R       G           S        
        B O Y C O T T   R           I        
                W       A       N   T        
                L       T       A   I        
            C   A       I       A   N       R
          B R O W N V B O A R D C A S E     O
            I   S       N       P           S
            S                               A
          L I T T I T A R Y T E S T S       P
            S                               A
          M A R T I N L U T H E R K I N G J R
            T                               K
            C                               S
        F R E E D O M S U M M E R            
            T H U R G O O D M A R S H A L L  
          W A S H I N G T O N M A R C H      
E R N E S T G R E E N                        
        E   H                                
Across Down
4 What went on in Montgomery to desegregate the bus companies.
8 The case the was a major reason why schools were desegregated.
9 Tests that African Americans would take to see if they were able to vote even though they were very difficult
10 A famous civil rights activists who was famous for his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech during the Washington march.
11 The summer of 1964 when northern students helped African American people in the south gain their right to vote.
12 The African American lawyer for the Brown family as they went though the Brown v. Board case
13 The march where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous ‘I have a dream speech’
14 The First African American student to graduate from Central High in Arkansas
1 Laws in the southern states that segregated African Americans and kept them from having equal rights
2 What African Americans were fighting for at public facilities during the Civil Right Movement.
3 I form of peaceful protest mostly used to desegregate restaurants
5 The organization that led most of the protests during the civil rights movement
6 The high school in Little Rock, Arkansas where 9 African American students were able to integrate the school
7 I famous African American woman who was the main figure in the montgomery bus boycott
15 What African Americans were fight to stop during the Civil Rights movement.
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