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Civil War Arkansas History Crossword Puzzle

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Civil War Arkansas History

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Across Down
5 This is where weapons and other supplies are stored.
7 An unexpected attack.
10 This is where the fights took place
11 The largest organizations of soldiers.
12 _____ was elected president on November 6, 1860
13 They are the officers that get the clothes, supplies, and food for the troops.
15 A container to carry water.
16 They are loyal to the Confederacy.
17 The lowest part in the army.
19 One who wishes to end slavery.
20 Itís where people owned people from another race and made them do work.
21 A soldier standing guard.
23 A branch in the military that has ships.
24 Freedom from slavery.
27 To go for an attack.
28 One who is new to the military or has never fought before.
32 A group of 50 to a 100 soldiers led by a captain.
33 It destroys almost everything in itís path.
35 General _________ sent his Southwest army to invade Arkansas.
37 To formally approve.
38 A flag identifying the men who fought on one side.
39 A stretcher carried into war to carry wounded soldiers
40 It is a small fight.
42 To stop an attack.
44 Itís a flag carried into battle.
1 A shoe issued with soldiers in the war.
2 They are loyal to the confederacy.
3 Loyal to the U.S.A.
4 A term for peanut.
5 It is a 2 or 4 wheeled cart that carried sick or wounded soldiers.
6 To pretend to attack somewhere, but it is happening somewhere else.
7 A large firearm.
8 Itís a ship protected by iron armor.
9 A soldier who is wounded.
11 It means to call roll.
14 These are soldiers that are sent into the war to strengthen their side because it is getting weak.
15 Military operations that connect to the war.
18 The term for weaponry and ammunition Just supplies for the war.
22 They are new soldiers.
25 This is where one side has a defeat and most likely will run away from the battle.
26 To run toward the enemy.
29 Soldiers used to repair their garments.
30 This is where soldiers fight and are on foot.
31 Where soldiers that are stationed at a military post.
34 To give up the fight.
36 A crop made out of tobacco or cotton.
41 that soldiers have worn in the war.
43 The long metal tube on a gun when a projectile is fired.
44 It is a big round bullet from a cannon.
45 To practice.
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