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Civil War People Crossword Puzzle

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Civil War People

Each hint describes a person

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Across Down
2 Still thought as one of the greatest presidents, but he was murdered at the end of the Civil War
4 Was famous for making a speech about whit it was like to have a daily life as a slave.
5 Was the first president of the confederate government from South Carolina
7 Was a commander for the northern army and lead a regiment of all the black soldiers called the St Massachesetts
8 Was apart of a famous case about claiming to be a free man, but he was unable to by his right in freedom that made abolitionist craze for his freedom
9 He was apart of the Confederacy after Virginia's session, his men tore down the 'Irish Brigade'
10 She was a popular conductor for the Underground Railroad, She was an escaped slave, and she helped bring many slaves to freedom
11 He was a great general for many wars, but didn't take the job for being the general for the Union army (disliked slavery) instead he took the job to be the general of the Confederate army
12 He was for the South and a very close officer to Robert E. Lee, his nickname came from the Bull Run
13 Became the world's most famous assassin, he started out as a wealthy actor, but was suspected as a spy when he assassinated Lincoln
14 He started out small, but later in the Civil War he became general and chief of the Union army. Later he was granted presidency
1 He would not stop trying to end slavery, he started a raid to help slaves start running away with guns, but his raid was never successful
3 Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin which was written 10 years before the Civil War. That book changed many peoples views about the how slavery was wrong
6 She was a famous nurse that took care of all the Union soldiers during the Civil War. She also created the American Red Cross
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