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Climate Zones And Climate Change Crossword Puzzle

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Climate Zones and Climate Change

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3 Biggest continent in the world. Pandas can be found in this continent.
6 This is an example of air pollution caused by warm temperatures will make people have difficulties in breathing especially those with asthma.
7 There is little sunlight in this layer of the rainforest. Animals that can be found here are snakes, lizards, spiders as well as small mammals.
9 This word is used to explain when animals and plants no longer exist.
10 As the climate gets warmer, this thing has become stronger and more frequent. It gets its energy from the warm ocean water.
12 This monsoon wind blows from December to March.
14 Prolong periods of dry and hot weather will cause this phenomenon to take place. It damages crops.
15 The melting of this thing will cause the sea levels to rise and will cause loss of coastlines.
16 Apart from Carbon Dioxide, this gas is also considered as a greenhouse gas.
1 This type of climate zone has 4 different seasons namely Winter, Summer, Spring and Summer.
2 This ocean can be found near Antarctica.
4 This monsoon wind blows from June to September.
5 This term is used to explain the different species of animals and plants that can be found in the rainforest.
8 This is the largest ocean in the world.
11 This climate zone is very cold and dry throughout the year. Polar bears can be found here.
13 This layer of the rainforest is the tallest layer and the types of animals that can be found here are monkeys, bats and butterflies.
17 This continent has two different types of vegetation. Some parts of this continent are tropical grasslands and some parts are tropical rainforests.
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