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Coffee Trivia Crossword Puzzle

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Coffee Trivia

Think you know coffee? Here's your chance to prove it

  5         6       7                        
    13           14   15                        
                        16         17          
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Across Down
4 An espresso maestro
5 where the worlds most expensive coffee is grown
8 Italian word, meaning 'marked' or 'stained'
9 the rich foam on an espresso
10 what 52% of Americans drink
11 company that set the standard for coffee in the U.S.
13 color unroasted beans are called
15 much needed drug in coffee
17 produces one third of the worlds coffee
19 famous composer who counted his coffee beans
23 what the fruit of a coffee tree is called
24 a spicy black tea drink
25 all coffee is grown in this vicinity
26 birth country of espresso
27 what country first put sugar in coffee
28 the commodity that coffee is runner up to
1 coffee after 3 P.M.
2 animals associated with the discovery of coffee
3 term associated with very lightly roasted coffee
6 the first step to a perfect cup of joe
7 coffee term derived from the color of the habit of a Capuchin friar
12 round or oval shaped coffee berry
14 The art of creating foam from milk
16 event that sparked the Boston Tea Party
18 the only liquid consumed more than coffee
20 coffee on steroids
21 what Londoners in 1657 believed coffee cured
22 Espresso mixed with 2/3 steamed frothed milk
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