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Collars And Tops Crossword Puzzle

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Collars and Tops

              3         4          
                11   12              
Across Down
2 A loose, short-sleeved shirt or blouse with a simple placket front opening, a notched collar and usually two breast pockets
5 A broad collar with a deep v-neck in front, and a square flap across the back (based on a traditional sailorís uniform)
7 A strapless top around the bust that is band-shaped
9 A usually small, flat close-fitting collar with rounded ends that meet at the top in the front of the garment
11 A two-piece collar that forms a notch with the lapels of a garment at the seam where the collar and lapels join
13 A high, stiff shirt collar with turned-down corners, usually worn by men for formal dress
14 Part of a shirt, dress, coat or blouse that fastens around and frames the neck
1 A womanís garment or undergarment for the upper body, cut so that it reveals the midriff
2 A loose-fitting undergarment for the upper body usually help up by shoulder straps
3 A close-fitting, waist-length garment that typically has no sleeves or collar and has buttons down the front
4 A wide collar, usually lace, worn to cover the shoulders over a low neckline or dress
6 A close-fitting, small, upright collar that doesnít quite meet at the front
8 A tight-fitting, often strapless, top worn as a brassiere or outer garment
9 The opening in the cuff or neck of a garment that creates a larger opening for ease in dressing and can usually be buttoned closed
10 A collar rolled back in a continuous and tapering line that extends downward across the chest and stops at the waist
12 A close-fitting, sleeveless and collarless top with wide shoulder straps and no front opening often made of lightweight material
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