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Commercial Cookery Crossword Puzzle

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Commercial Cookery


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Across Down
5 A selection of small dishes served in the Mediterranean and Middle East as an appetiser.
6 A round dried bread base used in the preparation of canapés
9 Cooked in a sealed greaseproof paper or foil envelope.
12 a small savoury dish, typically one served as an appetizer,,, French dœvrə) an additional dish served as an appetizer, usually before the main meal
15 Thick slices of grilled bread, drizzled with garlic and olive oil and served warm. Often topped with chopped tomato and fresh basil and/or other ingredients such as Spanish onion, chargrilled vegetables and olives.
16 To adjust a measuring instrument to make it accurate.
17 French term that translates to ‘everything in its place’. It refers to all the preparation tasks carried out before cooking begins, such as peeling, cutting, dicing, boning meat, marinating, preparing garnishes and weighing ingredients.
19 French term which means a little bit of food which is served before the meal to stimulate the appetite. typically without charge at restaurants. amuse mouth
22 Finely sliced or shredded green leafy vegetables, usually lettuce or spinach. Mostly used as a base for serving food or as a garnish.
23 Contains details of the hazards associated with a chemical, gives information on its safe use, effects of exposure, correct disposal and first aid.
24 Orginating from Spanish cuisine, they are a variety of snacks, canapés or finger food, usually served with drinks as a pre-dinner appetiser.
25 The temperature range between 5 °C and 60 °C, within which bacteria grows best.
27 This is a very small diced cube, sized between 1-3 mm square. Often used as a garnish for consommé. Typical vegetables used are carrot, onion, turnip and celery.
29 The chef who is second-in-charge to the head chef in a kitche
1 a small piece of bread or pastry with a savoury topping, served with drinks at receptions or formal parties.
2 A short thin baton or stick, about 2.5 cm long and approximately 3 mm wide and 3 mm thick. Size may be varied depending on end use.
3 A container holding hot water into which a pan is placed for slow cooking or to keep food warm
4 Multiple portion appetiser ... A variety of olives, cured meats, salami or other sausages, semi-dried tomatoes, cheeses and marinated, pickled or chargrilled vegetables are common ingredients.
5 Roughly cut vegetables cooked in butter, with ham, thyme and bay leaf, finished by deglazing the pan with a little Madeira or wine. Usually includes onion, celery and carrot. Used to add flavour, especially when braising large pieces of meat.
7 A mixture of roughly chopped vegetables which are used as the flavour base for sauces or other dishes. Usually includes onion, celery and carrot.
8 A small light pancake made from buckwheat flour.
10 The introduction or occurrence of a contaminant in food.
11 This is diced cube 5 mm square. Root vegetables are suited to this cut, e.g. carrot, turnip, swede.
13 indicates when a product must be consumed by. After this date, it may no longer be safe to eat and must be discarded. Under food safety regulations, you are not allowed to sell food past its use-by date.
14 Long thin match-stick shaped pieces about 4 cm in length. Vegetables cut julienne are mostly used as garnish.
15 Food that is immersed in boiling water for a short time then refreshed in ice water to partially cook it
16 When the proteins present in some foods group together and become firm
18 Various thin shapes such as squares, triangles, circles or half rounds. In order to cut economically, the shape of the vegetable will decide which shape to choose. All are cut thinly, about 1-2 mm thick.
20 Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points. HACCP is a practical plan (or program) that enables food handlers to implement and maintain high food hygiene standards and comply with food regulations and legislation. HACCP is the most widely used food s
21 A Japanese word which means ‘pleasant savoury taste’
26 Garlic flavoured mayonnaise
27 Sticks of vegetables approximately 5 cm long, 5 mm wide and 5 mm thick. Used as an accompaniment.
28 Sliced raw meat, usually fish. Only very fresh, top quality meats are used. It may be dipped into soy sauce or wasabi paste and served with pickled ginger
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