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Concepts OF Comparative Politics Crossword Puzzle

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Concepts of Comparative Politics

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1 US electoral system (abbrev.)
5 Regime type displaying mixed characteristics of both democracies and autocracies.
7 System that converts votes into political representation.
8 Primary means of replacing a leader in large-W systems.
9 Polities where the executive and the legislature are elected independently are said to have ____ mandates.
11 In comparative perspective, the US Democratic Party belongs to the ______ party family.
12 The group of people whose support the leader requires to stay in office.
14 One of the two fundamental components of politics.
16 Political system characterized by fused authority: a single mandate for both the executive and legislature.
18 Foundational document for almost all modern political systems.
20 Most common dual-mandate political system.
21 State with no constitutionally defined powers devolved to subunits.
23 Authoritarian systems dominated by a single charismatic figure.
27 Legal system based on evolved British practice, with significiant role for precedent.
28 State whose subnational units have constitutionally enumerated powers.
29 Another term for a political system.
30 Legal system based on the Code Napoleon, with limited role for precedent.
31 System that organizes social preferences into political voice.
2 Term for electoral mechanisms where seats are allocated by the party's share of the total vote.
3 The _____ method requires selecting cases so as to match control variables' values as closely as possible while maximizing variation on other variables of interest.
4 When using the comparative method we normally want the widest possible variation on the _____ variables.
6 One of the two fundamental components of politics.
10 Widely shared beliefs in a society about what government should do and how, and how citizens should interact with it.
13 Number of political parties in most authoritarian states.
15 Ideology believing in low levels of personal freedom and low levels of economic freedom.
17 The basic unit of political organization.
19 Regime type characterized by both a large selectorate and a large winning coalition.
20 Compilation of candidates running in multimember districts, in the order they'd get seats.
22 Regime type with limited participation.
24 The group of people entitled to participate in choosing a leader.
25 Ideology believing in in high personal freedom, often with high economic freedom
26 State whose subnational units have constitutionally enumerated powers that typically exceed those of the central government.
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