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Congress Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 The speakers top assistant
7 some commitees of congress include the House _________ and taxation and approprition commitees
8 the people in the districts they represent
11 Named after an early Democratic-Republican Govenor of Massachusettes
12 What amendment makes congress go from January to November or December
18 Made up of two houses
19 Legislative Chamber of Israel
20 represenitives must be at least this age
23 only trained librarian in congress
25 what law starts as
1 only about 10 _____ go the the full house for a vote
2 minimun number of member who must be present to permit a legislative body to take official action
3 In Hutchinson v Proxmire ruled that members of congress may be sued for _____ statements they make
4 the number of members in the House of Represenatives
6 Census Bureau takes a national _________ every 10 years
9 Believes there are to many laws on the book
10 each term of _______ is diving into two sessions
13 Senate elections are done state-wide or_________
14 means for the time being
15 a vote of formal disaproval of a members actions
16 the _____ of congress was created in 1800
17 lists bills that are up for consideration
21 Drawing lines to include more of the opposing parties votes
22 This division weakens the opponents voting base
24 serve as assistant floor leader in the House
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