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Congress Crossword Puzzle

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Do you know Congress?

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1 The chief presiding officer of the House of Representatives, they can influence the legislative agenda, the fate of individual pieces of legislation and memberís positions within the house
2 Joint committees created to work out a compromise on House and Senate versions of a piece of legislation.
3 Legislative committees formed of members of both House and Senate.
4 Either in HOR or Senate majority party, In HOR the majority leader is subordinate in the party hierarchy to the Speaker of the House.
5 the elected leader of the minority party in the House or Senate.
7 A type of representation in which representative is held accountable to a constituency if he or she fails to represent that constituency properly.
8 A legislative assembly composed of two chambers or housesí distinguished from unicameral.
9 (usually) temporary legislative committees, set up to highlight or investigate a particular issue or address an issue not within jurisdiction of existing committees.
10 A proposal in Congress to provide a specific person some kind of relief, such as a special exemption or immigration quotas.
11 permanent committee with the power to propose and write legislation that covers a particular subject.
1 A type of representation in which representatives have the same racial, gender, ethnic, religious, or educational backgrounds as their constituents.
6 A party member in House or Senate responsible for coordinating the partyís legislative strategy, building support for key issues, and counting votes.
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