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Constitution Crossword Puzzle

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Read the hint carefully. Then put the word or phrase in the correct place. There are no spaces when you write the words.

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Across Down
3 This is how many Senators there are.
4 This is the power for the Supreme Court to review the laws and decide if they are constitutional.
5 This branch of government makes the laws.
6 These courts have the power to settle disputes between states.
7 This is the length of a term for president.
8 This branch of government has the power to carry out the laws.
9 This is the Commander in Chief.
11 This tries the president in an impeachment case.
12 This has the power to declare war.
14 This is how many years a term is for the House of Representatives.
15 This branch of government interprets the laws.
16 This means having two lawmaking parts.
17 This a proposal for a new law.
1 This is the length of a term for the Supreme Court.
2 This is how many Supreme Court Justices there are.
3 All bills to raise taxes originate in this part of Congress.
10 This is the age you must be to be elected to the Senate.
13 This is the length of a term for Senators.
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