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Constitutional Concepts Crossword Puzzle

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Constitutional Concepts

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Across Down
8 A part of the legislative branch that has representatives that are elected by the people and dependes on the states population
10 A compromise that the north and south agreed on to count three fifths of the enslaved population for both representation and taxation
12 Is made up of electors who represent the voters of each state
13 How a president can get thrown out
14 The leader of the convention
15 A grand committee made up of one delegate from each state to work toward a solution
16 It gives each branch control over the other branches
17 A plan that gave smaller states equal representation as the large states
18 Oldest delegate to attend the constitutional convention. (81 years old)
19 A documentthat sets everyone has thes undeniable rights
20 Known as Father of constitution
1 A plan including all three branches of government but mostly focused on population (larger states Liked this plan)
2 Thought a governments power should be shared among three branches (Legeslative, executive, and judicial)
3 This beach of government is referred to as the 'Congress' and contains the House of Representatives and the Senate
4 This branch carries out the laws
5 The division of power between the national government and states
6 This branch includes the deprime court
7 A convention where delegates would give birth to the constitution
9 He believed that all people had natural rights of life,liberty, and property
11 Second part of the legislative branch that is elected by the people but instead each state gets two of these
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