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Constitutional Convention Crossword Puzzle

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Constitutional Convention

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Across Down
2 Delegates agreed this style government would be best
4 What did smaller states fear?
5 Which plan wanted proportional representation?
8 The Constitutional convention was also know as what convention?
10 This house had number of reps. based on population...
11 Each person or group gives a little to make each side happy...
12 Each state received one vote...
14 If slaves couldn't vote they couldn't count as...
17 What type of government were the people afraid of?
19 Congress couldn't outlaw slavery for how many years?
20 What did norther people do?
21 Which plan wanted a weak national gov.?
1 This house said each state gets the same number of everything...
3 One Rep equals one vote
6 What did the south financially depend on?
7 What did southern people do?
9 What was needed for the delegates to make the constitution?
13 Where the states that would get fewer votes located?
15 What were the people called that knew a strong national gov. was needed?
16 Number of reps. depends on the population of the state...
18 How many plans were created?
22 Who didn't want taxes to make items harder to sell to Britain?
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