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Constitutional Era Crossword Puzzle

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Constitutional Era

                                2   3                                
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Across Down
5 agreement between 2 states that the legislative structure and representation of each state would have under the U.S. constitution
6 powerful during Thomas Jefferson's presidency
8 statue of the state’s law in Fredericksburg, VA
9 forces federalist to overcome a 2 to 1 advantage
10 anti-federalist leader
11 Americans made 2 attempts to establish a workable national government based on republican principles
13 agreement among the 13 founding states that legally established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution
14 to prevent one power from becoming supreme (too much power)
15 constitutional plan for smaller states
16 document to proclaim the inheriting rights of men including the right to rebel against
18 opponents of the adoption of the federal constitution
19 dominant military president of constitutional convention
1 constitutional plan for larger states
2 compromise between southern and northern states
3 statesman and public figures supporting ratification of the constitution
4 'father' of the constitution
5 a meeting of delegates to adopt a new constitution or revise an existing constitution
7 first 10 amendments of the constitution
12 United States government and for the relationship of the federal government with the states citizens and all people of the U.S.
17 wrote the Virginia Declaration of rights
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