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Continental Drift Crossword Puzzle

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Continental Drift

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1 The edges of Earth's plates where two or more plates meet
3 A fossil of a seed from a fern plant. This seed fossil was found on the continents of Africa, South America, Australia, India, and Antarctica. This seed was too heavy to be carried by wind or water. The continents must have been connected at one t
4 This occurs at divergent boundaries where new ocean floor is formed.
5 The pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in slow, constant motion and float on convection currents in the mantle.
6 The flat space between the mid-ocean ridges at a divergent boundary, it consists of new ocean floor.
7 The name that Alfred Wegener gave to Earth's one huge landmass that existed 300 million years ago. It means all Earth.
9 When two plates move apart: Ocean floor Spreading occurs. New ocean floor is formed. A mid-ocean ridge forms and a Rift valley forms.
10 This is a theory developed by Alfred Wegener that states that Earth's plates were once one huge landmass and over years they were broken apart and drifted to their present location.
2 Fossils of a hippo-like creature and a reptile. These fossils were found on continents that are separated by great oceans and neither animal could swim those distances. Therefore the continents must have been connected at one time.
8 A trace of an ancient organism (animal or plant) that has been preserved in rock.
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