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Cooking Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 brown droplets on the surface of the meringue occuring if the meringue is overcooked
5 eggs baked in a greased shallow dish and often topped with a small amount of milk
7 the two thick twisted strands of albumen that anchor the yolk in the center off the egg
9 the round portion of an egg
10 become firm changing from a liquid to a semisolid or solid state
12 the thick fluid commonly known as egg white
13 peaks that stand up straight when the beaters are lifted from the mixture
14 an unfolded omelet with fillings stirred into the egg mixture
15 a foam made of beaten egg whites and sugar and used for baked desserts
1 a baked dish made by folding stiffly beaten egg whites into a sauce pan r pureed food
2 when liquid accumulates between the meringue and pie filling
4 an air pocket
5 peaks that gently bend over like waves when you lift the beaters from the mixture
6 a pie with cusrtard filling containing such foods as chopped vegetables cheese and chopped cooked meat
8 a substance that holds together two liquids that normally do not stay mixed, such as water and oil
10 a thickened blend of milk eggs and sugar
11 egg mixture formed into a large thick pancake usually filled with ingredients dand folded
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