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Cooking Class Crossword Puzzle

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Cooking Class

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Across Down
3 To work foods, usually dough, by using a pressing and folding action to make it smooth and elastic.
4 To mash solid foods into a smooth mixture using a food processor, food mill or blender.
5 A multipurpose cooking vessel that can range in size from 5 to 8 quarts and is used to roast meats, cook soups and stews, boil pasta or steam veggies.
7 A coating of fine bread crumbs or crackers used on meat, fish and veggies.
8 To tenderize and/or flavor foods, usually meats or raw vegetables, by placing in a liquid mixture of oil, vinegar, wine, lime or lemon juices, herbs and spices.
9 Italian term meaning 'to the tooth' used to describe pasta that is cooked but still firm.
12 To force a soft mixture such as whipped cream, frosting or mashed potatoes through a decorator's icing bag or pastry bag for fancy garnish.
13 To add water, broth or wine to a pan in which food, usually meat, has been cooked to remove the brown drippings to make a rich gravy.
15 To remove the seed area of an apple or pear using a coring tool or small knife.
16 To moisten foods while cooking by brushing with pan juices, butter, margarine, or reserved marinade.
18 To dip or roll foods in flower, sugar or a sauce until covered
20 Often called a cookie press. Used to extract cookie dough in decorative shapes.
1 To rub the inside of a baking dish or pan with fat to keep the contents from sticking.
2 Natural unthickened juices that collect while roasting meat.
6 To heat sugar in a skillet or saucepan over low heat until melted and golden brown in color. Also refers to cooking onions in butter until soft and caramel-colored and rich in flavor.
10 To cut foods into very fine pieces no larger then 1/8th inch. Used most often for fresh herbs or garlic.
11 To boil foods, usually veggies, until partially cooked. Most often used when vegetables are finished using another cooking method or chilled for marinated salads or appetizers dishes.
14 To rub foods, such as hard cheese, citrus peel and spices over a grater to produce very fine particles.
17 To cut herbs into small pieces using kitchen shears.
19 A measurement less then 1/8th teaspoon that is used for herbs, spices or hot pepper sauce. Not an accurate measurement.
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