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Cooking Terms Crossword Puzzle

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CooKing Terms

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Across Down
2 to remove the stem and the very thin layer of peel of a fruit or vegetable with a paring kinife or peeler
4 to reduce food into small peices by pressing it against the 'teeth' of a grater
8 to cut food into small even peices
9 to cause a sloid food to turn into or become a liquid
11 to reduce ingredents to finer particles
13 to expose to warmth in order to free from a frozen state
16 to make small straight shallow cuts with a slicing knife in the surface of a food
17 to turn on oven to a desired tempurature
21 to change a food from a solid to a liquid
22 to remove a liquid form a solid
23 to make food easy to chew
25 to cook food in hot liquid
26 to beat solid fat with sugar
1 to cook in a oven with hot, dry air
3 to pour or spoon pan juices, melted fat, or sauces during cooking
5 to work a ball of dough with the heels of your hand
6 to lightly sprinkle the surface of a food with crumbs, flour or sugar
7 to cook food in a microwave
10 to cut food into small uneven peices
11 to mix witha spoon or wire whisk
12 to vook food in a small amount of hot fat
14 to mix thoroughly mix ingredents
15 to separate solid for a liquid
16 to cook food in a pan using vapor
18 to stir or mix ingredents until the are thoroughly mixed
19 To cook bite size small peices of food while stirring quickly
20 to broil over hot coals
23 to lightly mix ingredents
24 To cover food in a liquid
27 to combine two or more ingredents
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