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Creating Congress Crossword Puzzle

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Creating Congress

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Across Down
9 Which house has the larger body in congress
11 made up of two houses, the senate and the house of representatives
14 The speakers top assistants
15 what dose AA stand for
17 what is the processed called where the population of each state determines the new number of representatives to which each is entitled.
19 congress set up permanet groups
20 whats it called when members are made up of the House and Senate
21 whats the processed called of setting up new district lines after reapportisnment has been completed
22 political party controlling the state goverment draws a districts boundaries to gain an advantage in elections
23 The rules committe servers as
24 temporary commitees
1 nearly all standing committees
2 to keep talking until a majority of the senate either abndos the bill or agrees to modify its most controvsial provisions
3 each term of congress is divided into
4 all voters of each state elect senators
5 A vote of formal disapproval of a member actions
6 congress established what in 1974
7 provide substantial compaign funds usually supporting incumbents
8 The minimum number of members who most be present to permit alegislative body to take official action
10 who dose most of the work of congress
12 Congress includes how many types of staff
13 how many kinds of commitiees dose congress have
16 how many of the Senate members vote for closure?
18 what do laws start as
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