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Culinary Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Culinary Terms

Basic terms used in the hospitality industry

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Across Down
1 cooking the product in dry heat within an enclosed chamber
5 A ___ is a liquid, cream or semi- solid food served on or used in preparing other food
6 A ____ is made by simmering vegetables and seasoning with water and adding an acidic liquid
7 Process by which starch granules absorb moisture when placed in liquid and heat is ___
8 French term for put in place
9 ___ dressing as french dressing
11 Easiest mother sauce to prepare
14 A ____ is a mixture of onions, celery and carrot added to a stock to enhance its flavor and aroma
15 ____is a very fine powder, is a pure starch derived from corn
17 Cooking food usually meat in an enclosed chamber using dry air
18 ___ is a combination of equal amounts, by weight of flour and soft whole butter
20 simple pressurized pots that are used for cooking variety of food is ____
23 Smooth, no graininess or lumps
24 Cooking in a small amount of liquid covering about 2/3 of the food
25 Firm bite, crisp tender, is a term applied especially to vegetables
26 ____ is adding watery food in a hot pot that has nothing in it
27 ____ is a thickening agent of fat and flour made by blending and cooking over low heat
28 ___ is when food is placed in moderate amount of oil in a pan
29 An ____ may be a stand-alone or combined with Range
30 This is usually mistaken for grilling
32 Commonly used for cooking vegetables
2 Contrary to or disregardful of the rules
3 An appliance used to mix, puree or emulsify food and other substances is
4 A ___ does not thicken sauce through gelatinzation
6 May include cleaning agents, heavy metals and food additives
10 ____ is the distinct flavor of the main ingredients
11 A thin flavourful liquid served in a pool beneath the main food is called ___
12 ____ is similar in texture and thickening powder to cornstarch and use in the same manner
13 A dramatic reduction and concentration of stock is a ___
15 Sauce used on salad in the form of a dressing
16 A ____ is a liquid flavored from meat/ poultry/ fish and their bones or vegetables
19 Made from some type of stock using thickener / cream
21 The mother sauce of the ____ family is full-bodied and rich
22 An ___ is a substance that forms parts of a mixture
31 _____ is used for wide range of method of cooking such as boiling, steaming, etc.
32 A primarily liquid food generally served hot, warm or cold
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